View/hide EMIR std job costs/charges/price 


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Customer would like to hide job prices from workshop employees.






The visibility of the job price each, and other costs/charges, depends on the priority of the current user. 


This is set via "data | set up | set costs/charges priority". If the current user has a lower priority (i.e. a higher value) than the one set in the menu option, the costs and charges will be hidden. You can check the user priority in "data | data | passwords" (see below). The same priorities also apply on the workshop bible ("enquiries | workshop  bible).


You can test this in our copy of EMIR Standard (emirwin\demo\emirstd.exe). Set the costs/charges priority to 5. Log in as user SIX, password SIX: you'll see that the costs and charges are hidden. If you log in as a higher priority user (e.g. SYSTEM), the costs and charges are shown.


So, you'll need to check the priority of the user logged into EMIR on the customer’s PC and the cost/charge priority, and possibly make adjustments.




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