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Customer not able to see VAT on the Invoice.


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Customer contacted to say that the invoice sent them 24017 does not have VAT on it and therefore it needs adding and then re sending. 




Set up a remote session with customer. Open EMIR on their computer.

Find either invoice number (for Example  24017) from search menu .

Once you find the job Click on EDIT job, On the Main(2) tab tick the box for VAT.




Save the job.


Click on print invoice button, in preview section should be able to see VAT been displayed on the invoice.


NB The invoice must be reprinted in order to update the sales ledger and day book.


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Other comments


If the customer is using full finance and the invoice is in a previous financial period, or the invoice has already been paid, this solution is not suitable. In these cases, the original invoice should be credited and a new invoice issued for the full value including VAT.