If you are trying to log into EMiR and are faced with an error message that says 'No Licenses Left' it means that too many people are logged into EMiR.

As we use concurrent licensing, a company with 7 employees may only have 5 EMiR licenses as not all of them will need to use EMiR at the same time e.g. due to shift patterns.

Continuing with this example, if you receive the 'No Licenses Left' error it means that 5 users are already logged into EMiR, and you have no licenses available to use. 

To rectify this, you need to get one of the users on EMiR to log out if they're not using it, or, if this is a common occurrence, you can contact our sales team to purchase an additional license. You can see which users are logged into EMiR by pressing F8 on an account that is logged in. Alternatively, head to File|Users Logged In.


If you cannot find a user to log out, it may be because they have shut down their computer with EMiR still running. In this instance, contact our support team and they can 'kick' the user out of EMiR, freeing up a license.

This error is one of the reasons why it is important to ensure you log out of EMiR properly when it is not in use!